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Finger vein lock companies also need to focus on the following three points

Finger vein lock companies also need to focus on the following three points
1. Pay more attention to user needs, not one-sided technology
Most consumers dont have the principle of unlocking biometrics behind them. They are more concerned about the security and convenience of smart door locks. For the manufacturer of finger vein locks, how to ensure the comprehensive safety of smart door locks and how to convey the safety concept to consumers is particularly critical. The safety guaranteed by the finger vein recognition technology is only an important aspect of the safety of the lock. The safety of the lock is also reflected in the security of the networked information and the safety of the mechanical process.
2. Pay attention to the improvement of process design, and use the vein lock to create fashionable consumer electronics.
Under the guidance of millet and other manufacturers, home appliances gradually began to transform into a younger and more fashionable style, and smart door lock products began to become fashion products. For the manufacturer of finger vein locks, to make the products into fashionable consumer electronic products, we need to work hard on both the finger vein module and the process design, especially at the module level, which requires more research and development investment, making the module smaller and more refined. More in line with consumer habits.
3. Focus on installation after-sale
The after-sales installation is not standardized enough, and the high installation error rate is the most difficult problem in the door lock industry. For the finger vein lock manufacturer, establish a high-quality, high-standard locksmith master team, or work with a high-quality after-sales installation platform. The key to solve the problem of installation of the finger vein lock.

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